change – what you think?

I changed the look of my blog. I have done this a few times before then gone back to the original theme. But this time I was more certain about the change.

Do you like it? Or prefer it as it was?


Wardrobe Refashion vs The Sun Has Got His Hat On

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Bank holiday weekend means three glorious, non-work, consecutive days. Some, if not all of which can be used to Get On With It. Woop!

So I’m challenging my creative self to a duel – to the finish – to:

  • alter bright print shift dress that I broke my Wardrobe Refashion pledge with. Ironically, it needs refashioning cos it’s two sizes too big for me
  • tee-shirts for hubby – there’s a stack needing taking in and tweaking
  • finish off turning green lampshade skirt into a bubble skirt, as I pledged to do as one of my Wardrobe Refashion projects
  • AND, if I’m not creatively spent, write up a tutorial of how I converted a long skirt into a bubble skirt.

But dammit, the sun’s shining in a very alluring, promise-I’ll-stay-up-till-bedtime way,  even at 7.45 in the ayem. And there’s a gorgeous slight chill in the air – not enough for socks, but enough to make your skin tingle.  I feel some careful negotiation between creative self and knackered self, mixed with a good dollop of steely dedication coming on.

Wardrobe refashion – so far so good

Joining Wardrobe refashion has done me good. A publicly-stated intention, in like-minded company, is a fantastic motivator. Feedback from fellow refashionistas has been a delightful surprise – I had no concept of how uplifting support and feedback would be. Heartfelt thanks, everyone.

One month into my two-month pledge: two long-neglected projects completed, at least two others started, and blogged, on time, all as promised. Not buying new stuff: stacks easier than expected. Maybe I didn’t buy as much new stuff as I thought I did.

Actually, scratch that – I know I don’t buy much new stuff.  What I do do, is buy stuff from charity shops. They’re all over town and jam-packed with potential. The minute you get out of London, the quantity and quality skyrockets!  Yet now, buying from charity shops feels like a sort of Wardrobe refashion infraction, because it tops up the stash and pads out the wardrobe. I checked the WR rules and thankfully, none broken this weekend.

The fine charity shops of Bramhall, Cheshire served up a glittering platter of all manner of irresistable, second-hand, crafty potential. All so beautiful, it would have been rude not to have bought anything. All snapped up in a breathless, excited heartbeat. All brought home to store under the bed work into future WR projects.

So here is my extra pledge: any future magpie booty will fully confessed, in the blogosphere, in glorious technicolour, accompanied by this little black and white beauty. And worked into WR projects. Soon.


Introducing pictobrowser and 2008 projects

Here is a skirt and jacket I finished last year. I hope. Pictures should appear below.

 If you can see this, pictobrowser doesn’t work with wordpress and I can’t be arsed to work out how. Shame.

Did it work ok?

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