Where are you?

Maploco’s visitor map creation thingy shows just what I was wondering – where are the people who drop by my blog? – so here it is. I’ll leave it here for a while to see what comes of it.

Visitor Map
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Look! There you are! Hello out there!


16 responses to “Where are you?

  1. Karen

    Just happened upon your blog. You have some great ideas and some beautiful results. I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

  2. maleaab

    Sacramento, California…but in less than a year it will be NYC, NY!!!

    I love the look and style of your blog. I’m using WordPress too and think I need to add a few pages to my blog…

    Love your stuff over at WR!

  3. I can see me visiting here often; I love the sweater you refashioned with the little roses…

    I live in the North East of England, at the coast from Newcastle upon Tyne

    • georgeina

      hi shelley

      lovely to hear from you. isn’t it nice finding out new people thru the interwebs?

      thanks for dropping by and letting me know where you are! happy monday,

  4. I love your projects! I am in Richmond, VA USA.

  5. I just found your blog, via Wardrobe Refashion – and I love it! We have very similar aims, and I am rubbish at achieving any of it. I am in Perthshire, Scotland.

  6. I’m from Portland, Oregon. Your blog is fun to read!

  7. Lake Forest Park, Washington – USA (just north of Seattle). Your blog is timely. My daughter is 5 months pregnant… I am going to make her a skirt!

  8. Hi!I like your projects, sure i do someone.I am from Argentina Buenos Aires(for this reason my english is so bad!)kisses

  9. Half done a dress and found your site while looking for some ideas for the bottom-half- very fun site!

  10. Kirsty

    Derby, UK. Fun blog to read, thanks. I’ll be trying the Arm-y leggings my husband has a stripy jumper he rather dislikes however I on the other hand think they’ll make great baby bottoms..x

  11. Sandra Lewis

    Hello from Moncton…New Brunswick… East Coast…Canada. I have been looking for sewing blogs and came upon yours. Very interesting ideas you have, I’m having a great time looking at all the different blogs, I am a newbie. You are the first person I have left a comment for. Many blessings, Sandy

  12. In Seattle myself. 16 weeks or so, and love your maternity skirt tutorial!

  13. Stefanie

    Hey, I just find your blog – searching for ideas… need some bigger clothes in the next 8 month. I´m from Munich, Germany! You´re great – thank U 4 more

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