Wardrobe refashion – so far so good

Joining Wardrobe refashion has done me good. A publicly-stated intention, in like-minded company, is a fantastic motivator. Feedback from fellow refashionistas has been a delightful surprise – I had no concept of how uplifting support and feedback would be. Heartfelt thanks, everyone.

One month into my two-month pledge: two long-neglected projects completed, at least two others started, and blogged, on time, all as promised. Not buying new stuff: stacks easier than expected. Maybe I didn’t buy as much new stuff as I thought I did.

Actually, scratch that – I know I don’t buy much new stuff.  What I do do, is buy stuff from charity shops. They’re all over town and jam-packed with potential. The minute you get out of London, the quantity and quality skyrockets!  Yet now, buying from charity shops feels like a sort of Wardrobe refashion infraction, because it tops up the stash and pads out the wardrobe. I checked the WR rules and thankfully, none broken this weekend.

The fine charity shops of Bramhall, Cheshire served up a glittering platter of all manner of irresistable, second-hand, crafty potential. All so beautiful, it would have been rude not to have bought anything. All snapped up in a breathless, excited heartbeat. All brought home to store under the bed work into future WR projects.

So here is my extra pledge: any future magpie booty will fully confessed, in the blogosphere, in glorious technicolour, accompanied by this little black and white beauty. And worked into WR projects. Soon.



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