And then there were three

Following my daughter-seal-of-approval of the sunshine yellow skirt, I’m on a secret operation to make a bunch more. But shhhh! Don’t tell anyone, because it’s a… you know! Operation Sunshine Yellow begins…

First step: preparing the fabric. An overnight soak in the bath removes the starch from the fabric – which is used to literally stick the threads together while it’s being woven. Then into the washing machine with some Dylon machine dye.

Next step: refining the construction process. While making up three skirts in three different sizes I learn:

  • my overlocker blade gives up the ghost when cutting through more than four layers of fabric. So I precut some of the side seams before overlocking
  • my labels melt if I iron them at maximum temperature. So I’ll give that a miss next time.
  • put pockets on before doing the side and back seams. Otherwise, you’re working in a tube of fabric that’s only 25cm wide – very fiddly!
  • I should consult my commercial patterns fffffor construction methods – a slow learning curve at this stage impinges on my fffffmotivation and satisfaction.
  • I need to ffffffffix the ‘f’ key on my keyboard. It’s sticking and makes me express myself in fffffunny way.

All in all – this is a good place to be. At the end of my first week, I’ve run up three trial skirts in sizes 18m, 2y and 3y. Next steps – getting my numerous toddler friends to try them on and see how they fit!


Wardrobe Refashion vs The Sun Has Got His Hat On

the sun has got his hat on 290809 lo

Bank holiday weekend means three glorious, non-work, consecutive days. Some, if not all of which can be used to Get On With It. Woop!

So I’m challenging my creative self to a duel – to the finish – to:

  • alter bright print shift dress that I broke my Wardrobe Refashion pledge with. Ironically, it needs refashioning cos it’s two sizes too big for me
  • tee-shirts for hubby – there’s a stack needing taking in and tweaking
  • finish off turning green lampshade skirt into a bubble skirt, as I pledged to do as one of my Wardrobe Refashion projects
  • AND, if I’m not creatively spent, write up a tutorial of how I converted a long skirt into a bubble skirt.

But dammit, the sun’s shining in a very alluring, promise-I’ll-stay-up-till-bedtime way,  even at 7.45 in the ayem. And there’s a gorgeous slight chill in the air – not enough for socks, but enough to make your skin tingle.  I feel some careful negotiation between creative self and knackered self, mixed with a good dollop of steely dedication coming on.

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