Cooking with gas!


Cooking with gas! ‘Cept it’s not a gas fired Elna, it’s an electric one. And ‘sewing with electricity!’ doesn’t have the same triumphant air. But you get my jist.

Just finished a jumbo cushion cover for the marvellous LU who has been a great mummy buddy over the last 9 months of new motherhood. Thanks to her (she MADE me promise to show her how to make a cushion cover) my sewing mojo is returning.

One cushion cover down, three billion baby dresses, playsuits, grown up refashions, return to work outfits and lounging pants for daddy to go.


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About me

I started this blog to help me Get Things Done: sewing and knitting mostly.
But now I have a daughter! So I continue to daydream in enormous detail about what I'd like to make, but squeeze the 'doing' into precious naptimes and evenings.

Can I keep it up? Time will tell!

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