Jump to the beat

Sewing soundtrack: Stacy Lattisaw’s Jump to the beat! If I could have sewed wearing roller skates, I surely would have.

Hubby’s I ♥NY t-shirt has had a bit of a rough time over the years, sad to say – pale pink splodges and shrinkage, so off into the refashion pile it goes. Flush from the success of the Poppy Playsuit (she wears it!), I rustle up this number for Little Miss in a couple of hours.

This needs just one adult size tshirt. Cut it out like this – I used guesswork, a pair of shorts and a tshirt to get the proportions about right. It’s supposed to fit loose, so precision not necessary. First sew on the pockets. The pockets are made from the sleeves, so have a pre-finished hem. Gather the tops of the pockets by running a length of shirring elastic through the hem, and gather the bottoms of the pockets with a long running stitch.

NY jumpsuit pocket closeupNext sew the leg seams and crotch/centre front seam. I serged it. Easy-peasy. Then finish the underarm edge by folding a 4mm hem (twice) and multi-stitch zig-zagging it – this is the bit that was the original t-shirt’s neckline.

NY jumpsuit underarm detailLastly, fold over about 5cm at the top neck edge, and multi-stitch-zig-zag that too. This creates the channel to feed the ties through.

NY jumpsuit strap channelYou can use ribbon, jersey scraps or anything else that works for you – I used the sleeve of another old tshirt and made these tapered tubes.

NY jumpsuit straps

I left a gap in the stitching about halfway along the long edge so I could turn the tube inside out. After feeding the ties through, I secure them with a few straight stitches at the front/back centre seam.

DONE. And she wears it. I couldn’t get Little Miss to jump to the beat so we rocked down the street instead! Happy days!

NY jumpsuit in action


Just stepped outta the laundrette

Over Christmas, the flat got gradually sorted through – well, enough to give the feeling of knowing what’s where, that the rubbish is actually in the bin/recycle/on its way to someone else’s house and that things are generally in order.

Unsurprisingly, there’s now a long to-do list. All the usual suspects: grow salad vegetables, refashion more clothes, finally make husband some pyjama bottoms (I’m determined he’s NOT going to put my sewing- and getting-on-with-it-skills to shame me by buying some from Marks and Spencers), sort out photos, blah blah blah.

Starting small and easy, with a bit of upcycling, in liquid format. I bought a litre of Aveda Shampure Conditioner without trialling it first. My hair smelled amazing but felt and looked like coir matting. Hubby has gamely been using it when he can, but he ain’t got as much hair as I do and there’s still 1/2 litre to go.

fabric softener ingredients

So hair conditioner is becoming fabric conditioner, with the help of some vinegar, water and an easy to follow recipe. They say it’s cheap and easy – so here goes…

  • 2 parts hair conditioner (180ml)
  • 3 parts vinegar (270ml)
  • 6 parts water (540ml)
  • Mix and use in fabric conditioner thingy of washing machine

This makes 11 parts altogether, and I have a 1L bottle to fill. So each part is 1000ml divided into 11 (90.9ml) – hence the bracketed figures.

Photo of sweet-smelling laundry follows… but how will I share the heavenly scent online?

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