Poppy playsuit

Loved this poppy print when I spotted it in a charity shop and decided to buy it whatever it turned out to be. And it was a cute shirred top… for a 12 year old.

There’s no way that’ll be me, so this is obviously destined for a certain Little Miss, whose wardrobe has a large poppy-playsuit sized hole in it. There’s enough fabric for my playsuit vision, although early signs are ominous – I hold it up to her to gauge size and she screams and throws herself to the floor. Oh dear.

20120720-155405.jpgUndaunted, I trim about 20cm off the overall width, and use the spare fabric for a couple of wide-ish shoulder straps – the original straps were a bit cheese-cutter for little shoulders. I cut a semi-circle out of the hem to create legs – not sure how well this will work, but we’ll see. The cute, gathered pouch pockets move over easily to sit at her hip height – I hope she finds something interesting (and non-staining) to put in them!

20120720-160119.jpgMore importantly, I wonder if she’ll wear it?


Drawing on stripes

I LOVE stripes. My husband loves stripes. So we reckon Little Miss will too, damnit.

In that hope, I took a tshirt that greyed in the wash, and pepped it up by adding Breton stripes with a Dylon Fabric Painting Broad Nib Pen. As you can see, we’ve gone for the artisan look. Oh alright – I was rubbish at it. Drawing straight even lines on jersey is hard! Disappointed but not disheartened – the final tshirt has *some* impact…

Next time, I’ll

  • stretch the fabric really tightly over cardboard to minimise stretch/drag
  • mask off the stripes with tape for a more even line
  • draw *down* the fabric (not across) – this will take longer but gives a more even colour application because the fabric stretches less
  • practise writing her name better!


Kina cardigan

Kina cardiA commute-knit, this short sleeved cardigan for Marina was pretty quick – think I started it in November and finished it just before Christmas.

Kina cardi front

It’s a beautifully simple pattern by a french brand called Kids Tricot (which I found on ravelry) and the finished garment has a lovely shape. The knitting itself is simple: mostly stocking stitch with a garter stitch border all round. You knit top-down from the cast-on neckline. The complicated bits – and they’re not hard to master – are the increase rows, the short rows to make the cap sleeve edging and the button hole.  Very very simple, and utterly satisfying as the entire garment just appears in front of you, fully formed. So if you can knit, purl and increase, try it – it would give you the biggest ego boost! Try it! The translation english could do with the tiniest of tweaks, but that’s me being a real fusspot.

Kina cardi button closeup

The only complicated bit, was using a different yarn than the recommended one – I used DK Rowan Cotton Glace yarn, so ALL the stitch quantities had to be recalculated. The pattern says a gauge of 26 stitches, whereas my gauge required only 18 stitches to create 10cm of stocking stitch with 5mm needles. So I twiddled and fiddled and diddled and scribbled and finally realised all the stitch quantities simply needed to be multiplied by 0.7, which gave me the right dimensions. But if you look at my printed-out pattern that shows my working out, you’ll see it took about four goes to get right! That’s not counting the false start using 4mm needles }:(

Kina cardi pattern scribbles

Kina cardi back


All in all it was a really inspiring knit – dead easy and very satisfying, especially as the yarn was repurposed from an infant sweater and hat I made for Marina last winter. Anyhoo, I’m thinking of doing a longer version as a dress, with slightly puffier sleeves.

Kina cardi action shot

And the pattern goes up to 12 years, so, providing my enthusiasm lasts, looks like Marina is saddled with a WHOLE DECADE of hand-knit short sleeved cardigans!

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