Poppy playsuit

Loved this poppy print when I spotted it in a charity shop and decided to buy it whatever it turned out to be. And it was a cute shirred top… for a 12 year old.

There’s no way that’ll be me, so this is obviously destined for a certain Little Miss, whose wardrobe has a large poppy-playsuit sized hole in it. There’s enough fabric for my playsuit vision, although early signs are ominous – I hold it up to her to gauge size and she screams and throws herself to the floor. Oh dear.

20120720-155405.jpgUndaunted, I trim about 20cm off the overall width, and use the spare fabric for a couple of wide-ish shoulder straps – the original straps were a bit cheese-cutter for little shoulders. I cut a semi-circle out of the hem to create legs – not sure how well this will work, but we’ll see. The cute, gathered pouch pockets move over easily to sit at her hip height – I hope she finds something interesting (and non-staining) to put in them!

20120720-160119.jpgMore importantly, I wonder if she’ll wear it?


Swan t-shirt

marina in swan tshirt

A train journey, some minor preparation and FINALLY I’ve put the broderie anglaise to use.

A few years ago, a friend spotted a skip full of ribbons and other adornments, allegedly outside Luella Bartley‘s workshop, post-bankruptcy. One of the spoils was a 6m length of beautiful broderie anglaise, about 4 inches wide. And she was kind enough to give it to me!

broderie anglaise

NB – the google suggests that this might not be broderie anglaise: it could be either the cambric and organdy shown on Juan Boluda’s website. I have to say, I wouldn’t know the difference. Any suggestions?

I’ve imagined a billion projects that it could adorn, but none of them felt right or came to fruition. Until I met a funky-dressed 18-month-old at my local children’s centre, sporting a swan-embellished t-shirt, tail feathers fashioned in net. Aha. My swan shall have Bartley tail feathers.

swan in progress

I drew the swan from a google picture, and cut it from a scrap of white fleece. Beak from a scrap of yellow dyed canvas (‘duck‘ actually, which pleases my pun-loving heart no end). Folded the tail feathers by eye. Both body, beak and tail feathers handstitched, using blanket stitch, on a train trip to Devon. Took over an hour to do, but afforded me some real satisfaction and quality thinking time… Sometimes handsewing gives you so much more than the finished article.

swan close up

A little project with a big return on the effort, an effective way to use up scraps, and a most pleasing symmetry: the tshirt design that I ripped off  gave me inspiration, was H&M. Check the label and you’ll see….the black t-shirt I embellished is by…. H&M.

And the biggest bonus of all? My daughter WEARS it.

swan tshirt finished

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