From scratch: baby bouncer cover

bouncer cover with bear

Following the very sage advice from Barb & Mary Nanna – for which BIG thanks – figure I *do* have a number of bags – casual, smart, plastic and some even water-proof – which can be trialled over the next few weeks to help me work out what’s really needed from a diaper bag.

Therefore abandon an Orla Kiely knock-off-inspired diaper bag last-minute-before-baby-arrives sewing project, and instead embark on baby bouncer cover last-minute-before-baby-arrives sewing project.

The bouncer seat was given us by the lovely M&F as part of their generous donation to our new family, but I fancied something a bit more monochrome, to fit in with my love of black and white furnishing fabrics – see background of most photos on this blog.

Regular visitors here may recognise the snake-charming effect that IKEA fabrics have on me & my wallet. In fact there’s an entire annexe of the stash under the sofa which consists largely of their monochrome mid-century modern prints that have won my heart.

So what better use to put this ovals-decorated fabric to, than as the star attraction in this updated bouncer. Bear seems to like bouncer. Hope baby does too. If the aesthetic don’t ring his/her bells, the bouncer vibrates at two different speeds. What’s not to like? ;-)

bouncer cover on sofa & animal friends

I faithfully copied the original cover, complete with high tech features including:

  • seat & body of cover made from fabric – wadding – shower curtain fabric – therefore padded,  AND leak-proof, we hope. Shower curtain fabric from the ever marvellous John Lewis.
  • support strap with side release buckles and twill binding from MacCulloch & Wallis (reasonably good selection of haberdashery, fixings etc – cute looking website, but in-store old-school customer service with a scowl. NO refunds NO exchanges NO credit. Oh, ok then.).

bouncer cover with bear & fizz

Oh and in case you’re wondering, baby is due today. Must prepare by wrestling bottle of fizz from bear’s paw and popping it in fridge.


From under to on top

IKEA fabric cushion covers

Under the sofa, is the annexe of my textile stash. Well, if your sofa has two large storage areas underneath it, it would be daft not to put them to good use, no?

Very few IKEA trips have resulted in our making good our escape without some textiles – they do some great value, striking, mid-century modern ripped off inspired graphics that go nicely with our ‘Design House Stockholm’ cushion covers. On hard-wearing, durable cotton canvas, that’s hard to pass up. However, the stash-annexe is pretty full. So full, in fact, that the duvet & pillows that were originally supposed to be stored in the sofa have been properly annexed by the fabric, and now live on the sofa.

The upside: our sofa has lots of soft comfy stuff on it – duvets, pillows and so forth. The downside: our houseguests get to sleep under stuff we’ve been sitting/drinking tea / eating biscuits on for the last few weeks/months.

IKEA cushions label

So, a spot of cushion-cover making has redressed the balance. Cushion covers, large and small, now house our guest pillows and duvet, and adorn the sofa. Blimey, they’re quick. Very satisfying, indeed. Nice straight lines to sew, bit of lapped zip insertion, bit of ego-labelling (I got mine from Charm Woven Labels) and Uncle Bob won’t have to sleep amongst your Hobnob-crumbed, tea-stained TV-watching debris any more!

IKEA cushions label underneath

I suppose as an alternative, I could have made a biscuit-crumb-catching-bib for hubby, but there’s no way on God’s green earth I could have persuaded him to pose for a photo.

Maggie goes to Brussels and scores big time

My mother rejected a ‘thank you’ letter I wrote, aged about seven, for a relative, on the grounds that it a/ didn’t actually include the words ‘thank you’  or b/ refer to the gift received and c/ it wasn’t a letter, rather a detailed list of things that I’d received that Christmas, including stocking fillers.

Unsurprisingly, I was asked to rewrite, this time with firmer guidance on the defining features of a gracious ‘thank you’ letter.

Now, this post is neither a ‘thank you’ letter, nor will I seek any maternal approval before publishing. But this IS a list.

A list of things that I found, during a MOST enjoyable weekend’s thrifting and looking at Different Things in a Very Groovy European city. I just wanted to share my joy of acquisition!

So, dear reader, this weekend Maggie went to Brussels, found a 3-day brocante in Petite Suisse  and foraged for stuff and found:::

red pop flowers

::: red pop flowery cotton fabric – enough for a shell top


fruity flowery fabric

::: fruity stripey fabric, two curtains’ worth


red trees fabric

::: some red-y tree-y fabric – oddly, the lining of the fruity stripey curtains above. I don’t think I’d have combined the two – they seem such different characters.

hem marking kit

::: a device for self-farting a chalk dust line onto your skirt to give it an even hem, complete with bag of white powder and instructions. Not an enema kit, despite appearance to contrary.

cat pot stand

::: an enamel pot stand decorated with rather pissed-off looking cat.

simone bag

::: a beautifully faded denim bag with tan pleather trim, which used to belong to the seller’s grandmother, who was called Simone. It included a faded blue hankie, neatly folded up inside.

Femme d'Aujourd'hui cover

::: a November 1940 Femmes d’Aujourd’hui magazine, parchment-soft and not even yellowed with age – oranged with age. Unless it was supposed to be like that and only uses three colours in the print (which on inspection it seems to). Must have been cheaper?

Femme d'Aujourd'hui 3

::: with a centrefold feature on “For decorating, repairing, transforming – knitting!”. I’m seeing some pinchworthy refashioning ideas there!

brussels pics

::: a photo of a hair-do, the like I’ve never seen before, but think, given the right kind of brushing and barmy abandon, I could emulate. The hand written inscription on the back reads “Emmanuel de Longrée et sa belle fille Margie (femme de Stanislas)” which roughly translates as “EdL and his daughter-in-law* M (wife of S)”. Never mind her shield shaped hair, what’s Dad got on his head? A sock? Loving Margie’s choice of puffed sleeve canoe-ing ensemble.

*08.09.09 I mistranslated this as ‘beautiful daughter’. Thanks for the correction! I do think she’s beautiful though.

::: oh and some chocolates, but I’m afraid they’re not available for pictures right now? If you want to just *look* at the really posh chocs I indulged in, check out Pierre Marcolini’s website. The chocolate is quality confectionary indeed.

Hope you enjoyed the trip as much as I did. Next post, the spectacular vintage pattern donation from the very lovely Monsieur Taibi, my host.

I’m off to scoff savour a wee choccy now. Nom nom.

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