M is for… marimekko

marina in marimekkoSnaffled a lovely child’s Marimekko t-shirt at the Chiswick Boot Sale last weekend, only to find small hole in the front. So rustle up plan to hide it in a reverse applique ‘M’. I get busy while the little one slumbers and take

  • one vintage pillow-case, from a Secret Thrift Shop up north
  • one reverse applique tutorial – gazillions out there!
  • fusible interfacing from stash
  • embroidery thread from Brick Lane
and …
  • choose a design – I use a capital ‘M’ from the Eames stencil font. I measure out 10cm on a piece of paper, pull the ‘M’ up on screen and enlarge it until it is about 10cm wide, then trace directly from the screen.
  • draw ‘M’ onto the WRONG side of interfacing. Note: I get this wrong so my final ‘M’ is actually the wrong way round. I realise this WELL past the point of no return – but am saved by M’s symmetry – phew!
  • fuse the interfacing to the WRONG side of the applique fabric
  • cut out ‘M’ +3-4mm
  • pin to the WRONG side of the tshirt. Make sure I cover the hole!
  • sew with a straight stitch around the ‘M’
inside the reverse applique
  • on the RIGHT side, handstitch a running stitch in embroidery floss along the machine stitch line
cutting out the m reverse applique
  • snip out the tshirt fabric 3mm inside the embroidery line
Next time I do it I will
– make sure my letter/pattern is the right way round – FIRST time
– attach interfacing more carefully – it took me three goes because I ironed too vigorously and smooshed up the interfacing
– make sure my design actually COVERS the hole – I cut one ‘M’ way too small
– consider purchasing an embroidery hoop – it would make the handstitching easier.
Once done, grapple with the thorny challenge of a small, determined model, who is capable of wriggling, running and roaring independent movement.
Thanks Daddy for taking over on the camera!

action shot of marina


2 responses to “M is for… marimekko

  1. Hi!
    Love your stuff and sewing advice – do you use a lot of recycled fabrics? The items I collect are all handmade – I often miss a bit of advice on the patterns!

    • georgeina

      hi lore
      i do tend to buy fabric second hand – charity shops and boot fairs, so it’s usually pretty old by the time i get to it. plus, i’m quicker to buy than i am to sew, so my stash has been building up over the years… i’m trying to make more and add less to the pile! what sort of advice do you need for the patterns? do you mean sewing patterns or the design of the fabric?
      glad you enjoyed dropping by. best wishes and a happy new year!

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