Moths and Spenther jumper rethcued

Notes to self/readers:

  1. Am drunk on the fact that my 8 month old daughter has gone to sleep on her own this evening for The First Time in her life AND IS STILL ASLEEP over 90 minutes later.
  2. I haven’t written a blog post since – oh god – September last year. Out of practice.
  3. To be honest, I’m not quite sure which year is it.
  4. Must accept I don’t have time to futz around taking thought-out pics of my work. To have time to sew at all is precious enough.
  5. This picture was taken to illustrate what it’s like for my daughter being in a baby carrier atop her 6’3″ daddy, not to show off the refashion. So it’s not especially illustrative. But please meet my lovely friend RB who has kept us sane since the birth of our little one. She’s the one with the coppery hair. And the funny greyish thing at the bottom half of the picture is back of daughter’s head.
  6. Keep sewing. It makes me feel so good.


Anyhoo, this post is REALLY about a refashion and it went a little like this…

irregular choice cardiganThe moths scoffed their way right down the middle of this XL jumper of hubby’s. Hope they savoured it – 100% merino wool, Marks & Spencers’ finest.  Buggers. I wanted to do something quirky and jaunty, and set out to rip off emulate the irregular choice cardi (right) my mate (FJ) has.

While Baby Marina gurgled on the bed an afternoon a few weeks ago, I got busy with the chalk, scissors and overlocker and

  • took in bodice at sides
  • raised the waistband
  • cut a v-neck up the middle
  • used the spare tyres cut from the bottom of the body as neck facing and
  • shortened sleeves, re-using cuff and created bit of pouff at shoulder by shortening the armscye

stripey cardigan cutting lines

If I could do it again, I’d use ribbon at the back neck facing so the whole thing didn’t s–t–r–e–t–c–h   like crazy. It’s ok, wearable, but I didn’t ‘get’ the Irregular choice look/feel.  And I don’t love it. Not sure why, but hey – I did some sewing and that’s actually more important.

More soon – posting about projects completed last year and hopefully, if this ‘sleeping’ thing catches on, about some new sewing!


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