Arm-y leggings – with bows!

Leggings for baby marina

Arm-y leggings: so-called cos they are made from the ARM-ies from daddy’s old tshirt SLEEVE-ies. Amazing how parenthood affects one’s speech – higher pitched, and all nouns are fair game for being customised with an ‘y’ on the end. You know

  • bath → bathy
  • food → foody
  • bum → bummy (translation for US readers: bum = butt)

Sensing a theme or topics of daily interaction here?

These were super fast and easy to do. Now Baby Marina has slightly more predictable sleep patterns, I managed to plan, with military precision, an evening’s quick sewing. These leggings can be yours too if you:

    1. take an adult tshirt* with sleeves big enough to stuff child’s chubby thighs into
    2. roughly measure ankle to crotch of child with nappy on and add 1-2cm
    3. mark this on the seamed side of the sleeve (see picture below)

army leggings from tshirt sleeve

    1. roughly measure crotch to waist of child with nappy on and add 1-2cm
    2. mark & cut a curve crotch-waist seam (I used another pair of leggings as a guide)

army leggings laid out

  1. place two legs together, right side to right side and overlock the crotch seam
  2. overlock waist hem, fold over elastic then stitch into place with gentle zigzag to allow a little stretch

*do check with owner of tshirt first.

Adorning with red ribbons with love hearts reduces Incorrect Gendered Unsolicited Stranger Comments.  Highly recommended iof you’re plagued by commenting strangers – there’s loads in London!

Leggings for baby marina


7 responses to “Arm-y leggings – with bows!

  1. kate

    I love the army leggings! And I love that baby gets to wear Daddy’s hand-me-downs!
    Your baby is so cute, I *almost* want another one of my own! (not quite, but almost)

    • georgeina

      kate you’re too kind! i’ve yet to experience the feeling of wanting another but i hear it from mums so often it can’t be too far away…

      stay well

  2. jgh

    Haha, reminds me of my youngest daughter, who’s constantly being called a little guy or “brother” of my two older daughters. I’ve dressed my girls in pink dresses and still had to answer questions about my son!;)

  3. jgh

    p.s. Love the use of daddy’s shirt for leggings!

  4. Cute baby! My baby girl was born on the 29th June – people keep thinking shes a boy too.
    My making is a bit sporadic at the moment. Will have to try to give these a go…

  5. I came across your tutorial through the WR blog and I just wanted to thank you for posting it. I made my son an adorable pair of pants today in about 10 minutes! Best of all, Daddy LOVES that his old shirt is now pants for his little boy. You’re awesome!

    • georgeina

      hi becky

      how lovely! so glad daddy and son happy – that’s an important thing in this world!

      very best wishes and thanks for passing on your nice comment

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