oh noes! where de baby go?

cat and moses basket

 Moses basket cover, with hubby-donated icanhascheezburger-style caption.
Always thought the pet tyrannosaurus rex was a liability,
but we’ve never caught him in the act before…

See? Told you I’d been doing *something*. Exhibit number one: moses basket cover (baby still in utero, not in dino). The fabric was a cheery set of IKEA kitchen curtains my sister-in-law gave me, about five years ago. They sat in the box under the bed, waiting to meet the right breezy summer dress pattern.

Which I thought I’d found about three years ago, but did not account for a) having never tried on a dress of that shape before (sleeveless, round yoke & gathered above the bust) and it looking quite wrong on my body and b) some inadvertantly comedic pattern matching, that gave me a perky melon on each bust point. I gave up, and donated the 80% finished dress to a sewing classmate.  Wonder if she ever finished it off? Or noticed the ‘fruity-boob’ as it were?

Anyhoo, fast forward to May 2010, and this fresh and bright cotton seemed perfect for the moses basket. And, as I’m still waiting to find out if Baby is a boy or a girl, the green/yellow combo fits the neutral bill well enough, I think. 

Although a friend tells me, her 16-month-old daughter can be head to toe in pink – in a dress, no less – and still get asked how old *he* is. Must be the short hair. We are tied to our gender assumptions, aren’t we? Don’t get me wrong, there are assumptions about gender that I think are totally valid, others utterly ridiculous. But my motivations are altogether more shallow – I just find the thought of repeated conversations about Baby gender rather boring.

moses basket interior

The pattern is a complete copy of the cover that came with it, minus the frills. Takes elastic, four buttons and about 3 hours from start to finish.

If anyone wants a copy, just send me a message where I can contact you & then I can mail you the pattern & some basic instructions. It’ll be on newspaper rather than anything fancy, and if it’s after Baby comes, it may take me some time to get to the post office. I’m willing but increasingly aware that my knowledge of Life After Baby is pure theory. Not for long, though! 10 days and counting…


6 responses to “oh noes! where de baby go?

  1. I just discovered your blog! Love the moses basket linens! That’s how I found you….

  2. I would LOVE the pattern and instructions for this project. Just picked up a Moses Basket at a yard sale in dire need of some new linens. This post is the cutest remodel I’ve seen!

    • georgeina

      hi heather

      i’ll do my best to get this to you: adjusting to being georgeina (eg able to sew things and generally do things using both hands at the same time) and being mummy (having hands full) is harder than i’d expected!

      ping me your real life mail address and i’ll do what i can – but being honest, it might take a bit of time. let me know when it would be too late.

      it would also be useful to know the dimensions of your moses basket, then i can let you know if yours and mine are the same size :)

      hope all well in shower curtain land!
      best wishes

  3. I love your site! I hope that motherhood is going well and life as mummy has allowed life as Georgina to creep back in a little. I have a somewhat rose tinted view on what life + baby will be like that has anyone who already has children react in a surprisingly similar way. Mostly with ‘pfft’ and a grimace! I’d love to pinch a copy of your pattern if you are able to send it – we were donated a basket today and I’d like to spruce it up.

    Thank you!


  4. christine

    I love your basket make-over! Im just getting to doing mine, and was wondering what shape the hood pattern for yours was – mine doesnt have a hood i can pull apart :-(

    no need to mail me a pattern – i’m sure youre really busy. just an idea on how it looks (is it one piece? what shape) would be love-ly!

    and i love your blog by the way – here’s hoping i can grow my list of finished things before baby comes!!!

    thanks :)

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