Oh what a beautiful morning (2)

spring blossom 2010

Greeted by this view of blossom on Saturday, this productive spring weekend was brought to me by the letters ‘F’, ‘R’ and ‘B’ and the numbers 7 and 452.

london bus route 7

7 is the bus that got me from my brief haberdashery run  (shirring elastic – more of that anon) to Oxford Street to Ladbroke Grove.

kefir in jar apr 2010

F is for free, and the noise this stuff makes when it starts fermenting: kefir. Through the newly discovered treasure trove/cashless flea market/online skip that is freecycle, at about 11.00am, I found myself in the kitchen of a friendly stranger called Bill. He briskly, yet thoroughly talked me through the basics of making your own kefir, plopped my ‘starter kit’ of kefir into a large jar and poured milk over it, handed me a printout of instructions then off we both set, into the spring sunshine, to play squash (Bill) and trek across town for another bit of adventuring (me).

Grateful thanks, Bill –  so far so good! I’m enjoying a very yummy raspberry /banana /mango kefir smoothie as I type. More about my kefir making another time.

london bus route 452

452 is the number bus from Ladbroke Grove that takes you to Battersea, where I went to pick up another bit of baby kit. Which leads me to…

…R, pronounced phonetically, as in ‘Aaaah’, is to express my thanks for the generosity of my colleague HMcL, who gave us the stairgate. Our lnaguid, lo-fi amassing of baby paraphenalia can now tick ‘stairgate’ off the list. Good for setting boundaries to cat, houseguests and the like when our home gets turned over to child-rearing.

HMcL Thanks for gifting us the stairgate AND carrying it down the road for me – I expect we’ll wonder how we ever managed without it!


And finally, B is for the bumble bee in Battersea Park who bumbled around us as we had our picnic Brunch, and for the Bread we threw at the ducks.  Oh and B is for brrrr – spring sunshine is not just bright, but COLD.


One response to “Oh what a beautiful morning (2)

  1. fleur

    loving the bubba hat – you truly are the cleverest woman i know!

    hope you’re doing great.

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