The generosity of others

Why call these cute garments ‘bodies’? This terminology means the photo below is of twelve baby’s bodies on my bed. Not nice. I’m going to think of them as vests.

baby's bodies (clothing)No-one at all was harmed in the making of this post – but
a dozing cat was woken to take the photo.

Dey cute, no? And non-gender specific colour too. Our lovely friends, M&F, gave us much of their kiddies’ stuff when they moved house, and we squirrelled these goodies away in the hope that one day we’d get good use out of them. That day in mid-June is approaching fast and it’s dawning on me that I’d better get a wiggle on. Although M&F were enormously generous and have kitted us out with much, marvellous stuff – car seat, bath, moses basket and so forth -this child will be a chilly one cos the bodies* onesies is all we got in the way of apparel so far.

*Update: Gaidig kindly left a comment with the American term for these garments – ‘onesie’ – trickier to spell but MUCH nicer. Thanks Gaidig!

On the list to sew is

  • baby onesies – got (see above).
  • groovy bedding for moses basket.
  • daiper bag.
  • new/refreshed cover for baby rocker.
  • some refashioned tees – into well, heavens, what do you call these things? Baby clothes. Um. Small things with short sleeves and handily-placed press studs for quick-poo-access. That kind of thing.
  • scratch mitts and hats. Surely these can’t be terribly hard? Just make egg cosies, chicken and ostrich size, I reckon.
  • at least SOMETHING from the maternity patterns I bought on ebay.
  • something nice to wear in hospital, for me.

Better go find some patterns then… any clues/tried and tested, anyone? I’m taking recommendations along the lines of

  • must have
  • don’t bother because… [give reason – I am a complete novice at this]
  • only looks good in photos
  • only needed if you find yourself in situations x, y and z

Oh and THANKS M&F. You v cool friends. We ♥ you & your lovely children. And we *really* ♥ your instant starter kit for baby.


4 responses to “The generosity of others

  1. Gaidig

    If it helps, here in the U.S., we call that kind of baby clothes “onesies”.

  2. georgeina

    Yes, Gaidig it *does* help! Thanks for passing it on! I’ve updated the post and feel much more comfortable now.

  3. Fiona and Martin

    So happy that you will be using everything. I will have a look for more clothes…. but most of the pink stuff went to my brother. Big big love from us to you. x

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