Genuine whip-up – from roll neck to baby hat

baby hat from roll neck

I often read blog posts where something that is super-complex, beautifully finished AND winningly photographed is described as having been ‘whipped up’. I yearn for the day when a few hours at the kitchen table / sewing machine results in a well-fitting, photogenic, suitable and stylish garment.

Don’t get me wrong folks, I don’t not believe you.  It’s just that ‘whipping up’, with its implications of speed, deftness and lack of mind-boggling so infrequently describes my making process.

Maybe I need to cut back on the staring into space and taking on hyper-complicated concepts (like projects without sewing patterns AND future-proofed for body shape changes AND complex fabric patterns that require pattern-matching so they don’t look daft – all in one garment).

However, last night’s baby hat creation really was a genuine whip up. I didn’t time it, but I think we’re talking about 10 minutes. And I’m quite pleased with it – although frustrated that I’ll have to wait at least 2 ½ months to see if I got the fit right.

whip up baby hat on me


  1. one jersey roll neck. Mine is from the irresistably cheap but questionable Primark. The rollneck itself is double thickness with a central seam at the back.
  2. cut off roll neck and turn leftover tshirt into v-neck (much more flattering to my maternal bosom shape)
  3. cut off resulting ‘V’ and cut into 7-10mm wide strips
  4. fold strips in half, then tuck into top of cut edge of roll neck, at corners
  5. overlock /zigzag the cut edge of roll neck, making sure to catch strips in stitching
  6. trim loose threads.

Erm, that’s it. I didn’t take pics as I went along, but the drawings should give you the idea…

instructions for baby hat from primark jersey roll neck


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