What is your type? Mine’s van Doesburg…

my type is van doesburg

Enjoying some early morning blog-feed-foraging, come across Pentagram’s What type are you on Poppytalk.

Follow the four question test, to find I am emotional, assertive, progressive and disciplined, and therefore, according to the teutonically-accented narrator, my type iss (sic) van Doesburg. I did not know of van Doesburg at all, even less that he is most well-known as the founder of De Stijl. Oh. Well. Glad to get that bit straight!

Well this morning I am (emotional, assertive, progressive and disciplined). I find these either/or questions a challenge, because usually, my answer is ‘both’ or ‘depends on what we’re dealing with, what day of the week it is, whether we’re talking about a work or personal context. Maybe it’s better that someone else answer these questions for you?

I suppose that means to be true to type, I need to get on with something creative today. Might just watch a bit of Frasier first though…

But before I do, just thinking – I’ve been pondering the idea of adding a new page to this blog about typefaces, graphics, signs, graffiti  and so forth. I do like a letter, you see. Some of you may have noticed the lovely ‘G’ hubby gave me, proudly shining on the wall. It’s not the only letter we have, and pleases me greatly.

G is for Georgeina

And I’m lucky enough to live in London, where from the top deck of most buses, you can enjoy a moving exhibition of commercial signage, old, new, stunning, indifferent, covered in pigeon poo or pigeon-deterring spikes. I don’t know much about typefaces as such, but I do know what I like. So I think I’m going to find out a little more. Watch this space. But not too closely. And no breath-holding there, either.

You see, the one question Pentagram’s resident shrink didn’t ask me is ‘how quick to act are you?’ I would still be mulling over the answer to that now, 20 mins later….


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