Little refashion

spitalfields dress

Found this dress for a fiver at Spitalfields and fell all in love with the vibrant colours – pink, green orange, white, and when you get in close, lovely mouse and burgundy tones. Cotton, hand made (fairly roughly, it must be said – get a load of the neck facing below!) and just plain cute.

In December, the neckline gaped, the whole thing was about 4″ too wide across the bust and it was clearly too big for me. So I plotted a refashion of folding the neckline into neat little tucks and repositioning of the waistband.

spitalfields dress bodice and belt

But nature has sort of refashioned my body in the intervening 2 months. I believe the technical term for the bits at the front is ‘hooters’ – nothing ‘sort of’ about it. So I fill out the space previously available pretty well. No tucks today, thanks.

spitalfields dress bodice

So, this refashion has been very simply achieved by

  • detaching the waistband
  • filling it with elastic
  • stitching it down at the back by the zipper, at each side seam and a little stitch at the centre front to stop it travelling about and
  • advancing my pregnancy.

spitalfields dress pregnant pose

Unless you’re a bloke, all easily achieved in an afternoon at the sewing machine!


Now, this ain’t all I been up to. But my efforts at the sewing machine, although dogged, regular and determined, have been less than triumphant. Against a backdrop of a dwindling wardrobe and expanding waistline, I’ve been struggling  to maintain enthusiasm for projects and write them up.

So this weekend, I’m aiming for some quick wins to both buck up my spirits and increase options for daywear. Dress above was a good start. To follow (I hope)

  • refashion an a-line skirt & jersey vest into modest maternity mini with big bump cover
  • rescue moth-eaten jumper of hubby’s to wear with maternity mini
  • maternity dress from newly acquired vintage patterns
  • first ‘quilt’ (or curtain with wadding, to be more accurate)
  • wardrobe refashion confession…

then after all this lickety-split quick sewing (who’m I kidding?) it’s back to the grindstone of that ambitious dress…


2 responses to “Little refashion

  1. You’re so funny! I LOVE the colors and it looks so professional. Well done!

  2. I’m in love with those hot colors! Awesome!! It looks great on you.

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