Knit in a New York moment

LondonNY scarf

Finished! The LondonNY scarf.

Orange: Cascade Magnum, 100% Pure Wool, totally chunky. The poetically-named colour 9465B. From Purl in Soho, NYC.
Pink: Gedifra Highland Alpaca, 50% alpaca, 50% Andean Highland Wool, pretty chunky too. Lyrically-monickered colour 5945*. From John Lewis, Oxford Street, London.

*NB to self: change future work ambition of “being on paint colour-naming panel” to “being on wool colour-naming panel. Sounds like FUN! Bet they’re just high ALL day and shouting out the coolest, creativest four-digit combinations they can think of! But of course someone would have to be sober to write down these moments of genius, so they don’t all get forgotten in the cold light of day. That would probably be me, then.

See full size image

Pattern: Devised from the cunning and creativity of my own mind: reliable garter stitch all the way on 17 stitches.  

LondonNY heart chartLondonNY roundel chart

I got fancy trying to reproduce the ‘♥’ from ‘I♥NY’ and the London Underground roundel in stocking stitch, to mark the transatlantic sourcing of each wool. Not entirely obvious, to the untrained eye, but *I* know they’re there.

LondonNY heart with outlineLondonNY roundel with outline 

And it reminds me of an utterly magic 10 November days spent in NYC with my dear friend MHS. Thanking you and yours in my ♥, MHS.

Needles: the wooden whoppers – 11-12mm. They have no markings on them so I guess they came from somewhere in the Alps – they were part of my mother’s knitting basket when I was a child, and my family had lived in Germany/Austria for years just before I was born. Who knows? They have a soft feel to them and don’t make the wool squeak, which makes for pleasing knitting.

LondonNY scarf felted join

Can you see the join?

New thing(s) tried: joining the two yarns using a felted join. You splay out about an inch of each yarn end, dampen them both, lay one over the other, then vigorously roll them together between your palms for half a minute or so.

The first tutorial I watched recommended having a handy glass of water nearby to dip your two yard ends into – the moistness is necessary to make the felting hold. I just thought this was impossibly mimsy, and couldn’t be arsed to get up, so opted to suck the wool instead. Coughed for minutes afterwards trying to get strands of alpaca out the back of my throat. Ugh.

Then, feeling pleased with self, held up newly felted-joined wool, told hubby ‘look how strong this join is’ while yanking the yarns apart, hard. Broke instantly. Buffoon.

Verdict: lovely wools to work with, brilliant pattern ;). So, so fast to knit up – no brainers like this are like salve to the creative soul.

scarf in snow scene

And it’s a soft, snuggy, happy scarf that makes me feel warm inside and out!


2 responses to “Knit in a New York moment

  1. Mary

    Oh Yes! These are great picutres, too. xx M

  2. jenny

    Hi georgeina,
    I love your scarf, and your other creations, I especially love your use of the word “mimsy”!

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