Sailor trews – updated

maternity sailor trousers

Another essential update – I need a pair of trousers that I can wear to work, without letting it all hang out. These two-year old Boden sailor trousers already got a new lease of life courtesy of some Dylon Navy Blue (well khaki green wouldn’t have really gone with all that nautical styling, would it?) machine dye and some jauntier vintage buttons.

But how to make them fit for longer/bigger? The wide pocket facing can easily accommodate a bunch more belly by just moving the buttons over. Buddy Cat shows us how in case you missed the pink  arrows :)

buddy shows where buttons move

I do this and wear trousers proudly for an afternoon. But they keep falling down. Nothing like hitching up your trousers every three steps to draw attention to the fact they don’t fit. Or wearing them in the rain, for a miserable, damp-ankled experience.

So, this morning, I… 

  • put a couple of buttonholes into the back of the waistband
  • sew in a button next to each button hole and
  • run a strip of elastic through the waistband.
  • Three buttonholes at each end of the elastic attach to the buttons, and can be let in/out as expansion/contraction takes place.

waistband with elastic


It’s great practise for making buttonholes. And a quick look in my Bernina instruction booklet buttonhole bobbin-threadingreminds me that you should thread your bobbin thread through the hole in the finger of the bobbin case. Apparently it increases the tension.

maternity sailor side viewmaternity sailor trousers belly viewmaternity sailor trousers backside view

The positioning of the buttonholes def needs adjustment so they fit smoother, but as my future shape is not entirely certain, I’ll just stick with this for the time being. Who knows? They might fit perfectly in a week’s time!


11 responses to “Sailor trews – updated

  1. Looks great! And. . . Congratulations.

  2. brandi

    love the new pants!

  3. love the elastic trick!! i will totally use that idea next time i make pants that are a bit too big

  4. These look really great…. I’ve still to learn how to do buttonholes …

  5. Great trews, well done. My attempts at maternity renovations just involves cutting the top off trousers / skirts and tshirts and sewing them together to make over the bump numbers. Except i used really old tshirts with no elastic in them so they just fall off. I think you’re really brave doing Wardrobe Refashion pregnant!

    All the best

  6. brandi

    i thought of you when i saw this post.

    could make some really simple skirts for your growing belly with this technique:

    good luck!

  7. brandi

    ok, so i’m a dork. here’s another refashion that made me think of you :)

    i do have preggy friends (i have two myself) but none of them are crafty!

  8. riotflower

    I think they look great! Nice job altering them.

  9. I have been looking for some ideas for making my existing wardrobe last a little longer and your pants are DARLING! Great job.

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