Mind the gap

jeans maternity gusset final

I’ve been having a bit of trouble doing up my jeans (see here). So, rather than break my newly-made Wardrobe Refashion 4-month pledge, I’ve attempted an upgrade to make them fit with my expansion plans.

After checking out how maternity clothes accommodate said expansion, I’ve plumped for giving these jeans a gusset, with elastic along the waistband. Worth a try, anyway, and if I screw it up, the jeans are not irreparably damaged. Detailed post – a tutorial, even – follows…

First things first. I need to work out how big this gusset thingy needs to be, so I…

jeans ripped side seam

… cut through the waistband and rip down the side seam, until, when hoiked up at the back, they fit on the bum like they used to;

jeans gusset length

…mark this point (18cm from the top of the waistband) in the side seam, and rip a inch further or so down the side seam;

jeans gusset waist measurement

… measure the approximate width of the gusset along the waistband (apologies for knicker exposure – I’m trying to keep this decent!)

jeans gusset first guess

… cut a rough guess shape from an old t-shirt of hubby’s

jeans gusset back seam

… then stitch this down the side seam, to the back  of the jeans.

jeans amended gusset size

I then try the jeans on again and mark in the more realistic dimensions of the gusset. Unstitch the gusset from the back of the jeans. NB this all takes me ages and is fiddly.  Don’t be fooled by these short sentences.

Break for a cuppa – this is important! I actually didn’t, but if you’re following this, you should :-)

Next I…

jeans new gusset

… recut the practise piece of jersey to a more accurate size, fold the jersey over the waistband and insert the elastic

jeans gusset staystitching

… stay stitch the elastic at each side

jeans gusset back seam final

… pin the gusset in place and stitch to the back of the jeans, and then stitch the other side of the gusset to the front of the jeans. This bit is hard. Because I cut the bottom of the gusset at too wide an angle, it takes three tries and a recut of the gusset to a finer point at the bottom to stop this bit getting all bunched up. I get quite dispirited, so do not photograph. Sorry.

Finally, I stitch back up the extra inch of the side seams.

jeans gusset length

The ugly truth on the inside is like this (above). I’ll probably overlock the raw edgess at some point to give a neater finish, but don’t have the puff to do this right now.

jeans gusset final

The gentler truth on the outside is like this. I finished! This is good. The fit is ok, but a bit poofy. Fairly good. When I sit down my bum is a bit exposed, and they do fall down a bit when I walk around, but wearing a belt will probably fix that.  Not so good. And I’m knackered. Really not good. Time for supper.


5 responses to “Mind the gap

  1. PrutsPrinses

    That is a smart idea!

  2. Fantastic! I’m also expecting, and I am maternity-fying (?) a number of things from my wardrobe. Third time around for me, so I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I’m hoping to post a tutorial over the next week or so on adapting skirts to fit the expanding belly. I’ll let you know when it’s up. Congratulations!

  3. brandi

    great idea!

    here’s a link to making your own nursing bras: http://sewing.craftgossip.com/tutorial-convert-a-regular-bra-into-a-nursing-bra/2010/01/08/

    also, i found that after i had the baby (both of them) i was more comfortable wearing a regular cami under all my tops to ‘hold the jiggles in’ until i felt more comfortable in my own skin again!

    • georgeina

      right – the cami idea’s going down in the book too! much appreciated. i’ll have a look at the bra conversion idea when we get a bit closer to d-day. thanks!

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