December plans

Fully recovered from the gut-aching disappointment at the iDye not taking to my much-loved Carnival Coat, I am researching having it dyed professionally. It’s the run-up to Christmas and I cannot separate the thought of heaving saucepans of boiling dye about my small kitchen from the spectre of the Accident & Emergency department. Must do something quick though, as my current winter coat gapes obscenely through a busted zip, and is too worn to warrant replacing the zip.

To you lovely folks who offered me support and encouragement throughout the dyeing debacle: BIG, heartfelt thanks. I washed it and washed it and washed it and ALL the dye came out except on the decorative stitching. I resent buying dye that contains no fixative. Boo to iDye.

Full of seasonal crafting plans – and awareness of limited time to do this AND work around the creaky British postal service. On this list are:

  • a medium-level ambitious present for my lovely friend MHS, who just hosted my 10-day November visit to NYC, and has a birthday coming up. Just awaiting arrival of the Bernina Walking Foot with 6 rollers then I can get cracking… (in progress, 06 Dec 09 – abandoned 20 Dec when Bernina Walking Foot fails to arrive in post. Meh.)
  • finish off knitted bear hat for MHS’s husband so he stops pinching the one I made for his daughter

  • find a pattern for the gorgeous orange wool I bought from purlsoho in New York. Very excited to see their amazing range and beautiful shop.  But I have to say, slightly disappointed in my sole less-than-superb customer service experience in NYC. I was helped to find the wool, asked if I was ready to pay, then ignored for 5 minutes for a phone call, then abandoned totally for a chat with colleagues and winding wool on some elaborate contraption. I stood like lemon for 8 minutes until another assistant was free to take my money. Meh.
  • fess up to Wardrobe Refashion to clothes shopping while in NYC – it took a while before I took the plunge, but I’m glad I did…
  • festive strigine banners (in progress, 06 Dec 09 – √ done 20 Dec 09)
  • converting a cute bracelet into a ribbon necklace
  • pyjamas for my patient husband and brother
  • tell you about completed culottes and weskit. Both longtime stash residents, finally graduated to wardrobe (√ done, 06 Dec 09).

Now, just need to hunt about for a bit of spare time, then we get started!


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