Apple green weskit – from scratch

Finally finished – a wee green weskit started some time last winter or maybe earlier this year? I can’t remember.

Halfway through, I notice the sides are both longer AND shorter than the back, and stop. An October trip to Scotland – complete with ‘need to amuse oneself ‘ component – presents itself, so I unravel the offending sides and bung the the whole lot in my suitcase.

The label on this Cygnet SERIOUSLY Chunky 100% Acrylic is not untrue: it is SERIOUSLY chunky. Knit up on size 0 (8mm) wooden needles, the two – now equally sized – fronts take me a short Friday afternoon to reknit.  The remaining neck band knits up in a Saturday afternoon, and the rest is wrestled together with a HUGE darning needle on Sunday morning. 

Apple green weskit Oct 09

I’m not really accustomed to such thick wool – my thumb muscles ache and my shoulders groan. Add the combination of acrylic and wooden needles is set-your-teeth-on-edge squeaky, and the whole knit experience goes very well with feeling a bit crabby – it doesn’t alleviate the mood, just allows you to live it out and explore it in depth.

Rowan's Saffron pattern

The pattern is a slightly lengthened version of ‘Saffron‘ from Rowan’s 2007 newshapes – I just added approx 8 more rows to the body before embarking on all the armhole/neck decreasing. Overall it’s an easy pattern to follow, and knits up gratifyingly superfast. Plus you get the chance to try out with different types of making up techniques:

  • sewing two different knit styles when joining garter neckband to stocking stitch body
  • mattress stitching the side seams together
  • grafting the shoulders together – both stocking stitch

  • graft the two collars together…

I make up as I went along try a kitchener graft from memory at the top of the collar. It ain’t perfect, but by this stage ‘ain’t perfect’ is quite sufficient, thanks.

If I did it all again, I’d

  • not pose while actually EATING an apple. It make you pull funny faces
  • make the back and fronts in one piece to get rid of the hefty chunk created by side seams
  • use metal needles not wooden
  • do the kitchener graft right this time. Knit, purl,  purl, knit.

One response to “Apple green weskit – from scratch

  1. I really love it! I am inspired to find myself a similar pattern and make myself one.
    Great job, and love the color!

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