RIP carnival coat

Dyeing of the carnival coat was not a success.

Using iDye for wool, I dyed it, according to instruction, in the washing machine. The dye took irregularly, in great splotches. And I don’t mean ‘great’ (or ‘splotches’ for that matter) in a good way.

It’s now being thoroughly washed, so when dry, I can take it apart and copy the pattern. In defiance of my wardrobe refashion+ pledge to buy no new fabric but to work from the stash, the search is  now on for some fab deep orange wool or jersey to recreate my beloved carnival coat.

The carnival coat is dead. Long live the new carnival coat.

Take it away Smokey.


4 responses to “RIP carnival coat


    I am so sorry it is the coolest coat, I agree. Can you re-dye it? Hand dye it? Over dye it with a double quantity of wool dye so it gets more infustion?

    Please don’t give up on it till you’ve exhausted every possibility – it’s too cool a coat and you can trace a flat pattern of it anyway – you don’t need to unpick it to copy a pattern – there are books in the library that tell you have to make patterns from existing much loved garments.

  2. kate

    I am so sorry for your loss! It truly was a stunning and timeless piece.
    I agree with Mary Nanna, and I urge you to try again, maybe the washing machine method didn’t work, but you could re-dye it using a tried and true method, or some sort of bleaching product to remove the dye?
    Did you know that you can create patterns of eisting garments without picking seams/taking it apart. All you need is Glad “press and seal”, you stick it into place and mark it with permanent pen and then remove and stick it to muslin and cut it out!
    Good luck sweetie!

    • georgeina

      Thanks Kate for your kind words. I’m going to try and get someone else to dye it. In the meantime, I just found a great deep orange wool fabric which is just about affordable, and I’m going to put my not-terribly-experienced pattern-cutting skills to the test. Fingers crossed pls! Very best, GB

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