iDye, uDye, we allDye for iDye

The history: many moons ago, visiting South Devon, I took my niece, then aged 11-ish, on the rounds of the many local charity shops. She was a bit uncertain – I think she thought they were uncool eg not TopShop or Dorothy Perkins – but sort of warmed up as we went along.

Mid-rummage through an assorted pile of polyester and raggedy oddments, I found this wool/nylon mix 70s coat. And I loved it, immediately.

Wool nylon mix 70s coat

As I twirled around in the coat, an elderly shop assistant came over, and in the strongest Devonian burr boomed, “Ello me luvlies – ‘aving a rummage through the dressin’-up-for-carnival box, are you?”. Cue: niece goes deep shade of crimson. Oh the shame of a London-dwelling-Auntie buying carnival costumes to wear in real life. In the outside world.  She was as embarrassed as an 11 year old can be.

Anyway, I digress. The Carnival coat has adorned me in the outside world much over the years, complimented by many, and never once has anyone uttered the C-arnival word.

It’s now looking a little porridge-y, and the temperature’s dropping. I really fancy something bright this winter, so it’s time for a second lease of life by dyeing it – in homage to my blushing niece – deep orange.

deep orange iDyeThe plan: big excitement – after a lot of squizzling about on the interwebs, I’ve finally found a dye for woolen fabrics that manufacturers recommend using in a washing machine. My days of guerilla-dyeing NOT following the instructions are over.

The future of my dyeing is manufactured by Jacquard, for the washing machine, and it’s very modernly-ly named ‘iDye’. Gosh, iAm really feeling the fuTure.

Next steps: await delivery of dye from – if it doesn’t get caught up in the effing post strike. Remove buttons. Dye coat. Bait breath. Think tentatively about lining and new buttons.

 Keep your fingers crossed for me. I’m nervous. Please don’t let me ruin this coat.


3 responses to “iDye, uDye, we allDye for iDye

  1. aurelia

    What a charming story about shopping with your niece.

    I hope the coat turns out just the way you want it.

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  3. kate

    Ooh! What luck! I can’t imagine anyone thinking of that gorgeous and funky coat as costume attire! Thank you for sharing the lovely story, too!
    Good luck with the iDye, I’m sure it will be absolutely stunning with the fresh, new color! Please do tell us all about the process and the outcome.

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