Promod dress – resized and refitted

Adapting something to fit: does that really count as a refashion?

Well, when it upgrades a garment from ‘I’ll-wear-that-if-my-body-weight-increases-by-40%’ to ‘I’ll-wear-that-to-work-today’, I say it COUNTS.


The pleasing side effects of finishing this dress, re-fashion or no, are
  • the to-do pile is reduced and this is now a wearable dress
  • I ‘fixed’ my broken Wardrobe Refashion pledge (I bought it new, from Promod, 2 sizes too big for me – couldn’t resist that print!)
  • and I cracked putting in an invisible zip without breaking a sweat.

Look, that’s not strictly true – I *did* sweat. First I sewed some impressively pissed seams (it’s a technical term, often used in construction and cabinet-making), then ripped em out. Following a small rummage in the sewing box, I switched over to use my [drum roll] invisible zipper foot and guess what – it’s perfectly suited to the job! What a coincidence that that’s its name! If I knew the emoticon for rolling one’s eyes, there’d be one just here ____.

Srsly folks, it’s the way forward. I will do some zip sewing very soon and will post pics for the unbelievers.

promod revived 4

Otherwise the rest of adjusting this dress to fit was a cinch. By cinch I mean I…

  • took in the side seams by following the existing seams, about 12mm from the existing seamline
  • closed up the gaping armhole with an extra bust dart, giving a better bosomly fit
  • repositioned the armhole approx 12mm in from the shoulder – to get everything back in proportion – and reapplied the original bias binding and
  • added a 4″ strip at the bottom of matching navy blue linen to hide my wierdy reddish knees.

Thanks Hubby for taking the pictures just before it started raining today, and for gently encouraging me to get this done.


5 responses to “Promod dress – resized and refitted

  1. sue

    congrats on dress. The fabric is fantastic and the added bit at hem looks like it was always there. V. clever fabric choices. well done. p.s. also loved that green cardigan revamp from a while ago.

  2. Well done. Totally counts as a refashion! I love the print too, and it looks smashing on you.

  3. Kristin

    It’s a good thing the dress is off the to-do list because it is to-die for. Love the print!

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