Bubble skirt – refashioned

Yesterday I promised in print to spend some of my bank holiday Getting On With It. Then promptly took off to enjoy a DIY breakfast in the sun at St Katherine’s Dock, some husbandly trying on of jeans Up West, and, long after I’d had enough, being jostled about in the human pinball of the Apple store. What was I thinking?

Well, I was thinking about explaining how I made a bubble skirt from a long panelled skirt.


It started life as an ankle-length gored skirt – £1 from East Street market. I loved the slightly two-tone effect of the fabric (no idea what it is) but it was just too long and stuck straight out like a lampshade cover. Always got comments when I wore it, but mostly of the ‘What did you come as’ type. Ho-de-bleedin-ho, what a wag  you are.

So I added a lining and scooped the skirt up into it. This didn’t quite shorten it enough, so some scrunched up irregular handfuls, handstitched down, gives it a sort of Ann Demeulemeester look and the texture brings out the heathery sheen of the two-tone colour.

This isn’t quite a tutorial, but to get the general idea of how I did it, dear reader, read on and then just

  • shorten skirt to 65cm [60cm=required skirt length, 5cm=’bubble’ allowance]
  • make a flared a-line or quarter circle lining in two pieces that has
    • the same waist measurement as the skirt
    • a smaller hem measurement as the skirt
    • 5cm shorter than your required finished skirt length
    • sew side seam, leaving 12cm (or length of zip) open at the top
  • gather skirt hemline until the same length as lining hemline and sew lining to skirt at hemline, right sides together
  • unpick the waistband and, wrong sides together, baste the lining to the skirt in the skirt’s waist seam allowance
  • reattach the waistband
  • handstitch the lining to each side of  the zip

I feel I should sign off by saying something cool in flemish. But I actually don’t know how to say ANYTHING in flemish, so Voilà will have to do. Or allez!

bubble skirt seated aug 09

bubble skirt behind aug 09

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5 responses to “Bubble skirt – refashioned

  1. This turned out very nice. Very clever of you. You would have to pay a lot of money for a skirt like this in the shops.

  2. This turned out looking very sophisticated. I’m enjoying seeing your refashions.

  3. I need to make my daughter a princess dress and your little pin tucks would be the perfect method! thanks for sharing. I love what you did. Very cute on you.

  4. Wow, did that turn out stunning or what! Great job…and great vision. Not sure I’d be able to see something that glam. in something totally drab to start with.

  5. I am very impressed with this skirt! Very stylish. This is just the right time of year – it is hard to get a coat to look good over a bubble skirt (have tried).

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