Memories in a sewing box

I was recently contacted by a schoolfriend after 20 years. I was puzzling over my utter lack of surprise to hear from her and why memories are so fresh… and then realised it’s because she’s been in my sewing box since the early eighties…

She also has an unusually-spelled name* and when we first met, she spelled out her name to me and I wrote it out on my pin cushion. Just like this.

aimee pin cushion

Hello again Aimée. See, I remembered how to spell it properly! Didn’t I?


*I am indeed Georgeina with an ‘e’. It comes free with lifetime membership to the ‘I have to spell my name EVERY time’ club. The story goes, hours before the deadline, my father was dispatched from the house to register the birth of his latest daughter.

“How d’you spell it?”, he bellows from the front door, “is it ‘George’ with an ‘ina’ on the end?”

“Yes” bellows mother from somewhere in the house.


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I started this blog to help me Get Things Done: sewing and knitting mostly.
But now I have a daughter! So I continue to daydream in enormous detail about what I'd like to make, but squeeze the 'doing' into precious naptimes and evenings.

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