London is chocka block with stuff to look at.  A simple bra-hunting trip to M&S lead me:::

::: down a set of steps off Oxford Street, via what is fondly known in our household as Piss Alley (do the math – it’s an alley in the West End), to the Photographer’s Gallery’s new home, and the exhibition On Reading.

André Kertész, Boy reading newspaper, 1944 © The Estate of André Kertész / Courtesy of Stephen Bulger Gallery

André Kertész, Boy reading newspaper, 1944 © The Estate of André Kertész / Courtesy of Stephen Bulger Gallery

I couldn’t focus on the little boy absorbed in the funnies – what got me was the sign in the window. It barks “Paper is Needed Now! Bring it IN AT ANYTIME!”, and features a delightful handrawn sassy young lady of the world. What was paper needed for?

And if you squint closely enough at the paper at the bottom of the frame directly beneath those wholly holey soles, you’ll see a selection of 40’s fashionable outfits available at “only $6.95”. Resistance would be futile, if *only* the same outfits cost $6.95 today. That would be £4.16 in real money. *Sigh*

It is an interesting exhibition – if you’re in London hop on a bus Up West, and take a look – well worth a visit and the cafe is dee-lightful. Anyway, I didn’t spend all day there – I sidled over to Carnaby Street:::

irregular choice spat its a wrap::: into the Irregular Choice shoeshop, where I found these red spats, which got my sewing imagination whirring. Knee boots usually cost over £100 and when the damn zip goes you’re left with an unwearable pile of leather with a sole. Why not make spats for winter wear with shoes?

I showed them to Husband, whose salted slug response – complete with sound effects – tells me I’ll have to work on these as a Secret Project and wear the results when Out Unchaperoned. He HATED them. And how. Just as well I only *looked* at them, eh?

irregular choice hot to trotI LOVED these turquoise wedges too, enjoyed wearing them for a moment and then put them back on the shelf. Now I’m home, I’m loving them even more and feeling quite acquisitive. I’ll just wait and see if these feelings deepen to True Love (often happens during A Sale). The extra bonus is they are called Too Hot To Trot, which happens to be one of my favourite Commodores songs. See youtube for some vintage Lionel Ritchie with Very Big Hair. So, shoe-loving done for the moment, I hastened over to:::

::: the Iittala store to replace a broken mug, and while in transit, got shuffle-treated to James Brown’s ‘Hot – I Need To Be Loved Loved Loved’ which I’d never heard before. Didn’t even know it was there, but quickly realised, it’s where Bowie got the guitar (and bass?) for Fame. I liked that! And having bought a replacement mug or two:::

::: I’m now at home recovering from all this visual stimulus with a nice cuppa.


See background for clue to this afternoon’s footling around in the kitchen. According to the instructions: simply add water, shake, place in baking tin and bake for 1hr. Hey presto, a Swedish Rye Bread. Let’s see…


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