Maggie goes to a boot sale and scores!

Hello: Miss Magpie reporting here. Went out on the browse/acquire this weekend and happily scored twice at the Chiswick Boot Sale on Sunday – within Wardrobe Refashion rules.

Took my camera in hope of putting together some type of story, but was too knocked out by the cornucopia of toot, jewels, oddities and general rummage-worthy piles of textiles to photograph any of it. All those people, things and inside-out houses – whole lifetimes of acquisition there for the taking. If my mind was up to it, I’d have something to say about acquisition and consumer society.

When I got home there was a funny bite on my hand – I think I disturbed something having a snooze while rummaging through some pile or other. Ack. Note to self: people get rid of their *rubbish* at boot sales. We salvagers don’t want EVERYTHING people throw away.

bedjacket lo

1. two vintage patterns, dug out from a box of very janky assortments. I’m seeing an outdoor jacket from the bedjacket, lined. And the slippers are a must-have! They are the odd little dark blobs in the left hand corner. Sling backs, I believe.

airhostess dress lo

And should I ever wish to take to the skies to serve international travellers tea, coffee, chicken/beef or lottery tickets, I’ll be fashioning a uniform from the dress pattern for my interview. They’d be mad to turn me down.

green flowery curtain

2. a pair of vintage curtains. And guess what – they’re green and flowery! But they won’t be appearing on any window in our house, rather I’m itching to get my scissors to them, run em through the sewing machine and walk them out the door.

But I need help. Any reader dropping in from blogland – what sort of pattern should I make this up into? Ideally, it’d be an era-appropriate dress, skirt or coat shape for this fabric. The flowers are approx 6″. I’m thinking a-line, sleeveless with some detail at the neck.



2 responses to “Maggie goes to a boot sale and scores!

  1. Mel

    Yay for the vintage finds! I am loving those green curtains. The print reminded me of this dress….
    Can’t wait to see what you make with it.

    • georgeina

      thanks for the photo mel – you’ve given me a great jump-off point. and aren’t they beautiful pictures of a really beautifully realised dress? here i come!

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