Cords switcheroo

A hassle-free, switcheroo from

… cords with drawstring (thanks, clothes-donating-neice), originally the colour of digestive biscuits

… by way of

  • a quick whizz round the washing machine with a bag of salt and
  • the tiniest a bit of refashioning (on the smallest scale imaginable) of the drawstring into five nifty beltloops*

cord trousers 003

…to a pair of really quite wearable purple-y trousers. Or should they be called slacks? Oh god I’m turning into my mother. Anyway, back to the plot…

A very simple refashion that I found way more satisfying than the sum of its parts. Just knowing that something’s off the to-do list, and into the to-wear wardrobe is immeasurably gratifying.

But don’t I just need to drag a hairbrush through my hair before photographing my finished projects. Note to self: check in mirror first…

*Do not underestimate the difficulty of sewing on belt loops, you non-sewing snickerers out there. At their thickest (the way I did it) they can be over six layers thick. Which makes for some bum-tightening and very careful, slow sewing while you pray the needle doesn’t snap and hit you in the eye or scratch your newly purchased glasses or something, I tell ya.


2 responses to “Cords switcheroo

  1. Ok, you’re inspiring me. I was given a huge pile of clothes from an in-law who recently lost a lot of weight (but I still like her) and many of them are in colors I normally don’t wear. I’ll have to give that Dylon a try.

  2. georgeina

    Dyeing with dylon* couldn’t be easier! I’ve never tried anything more fancy than following the written instructions and had only a tiny handful of disasters (usually when synthetics involved).

    *lots of alternatives available, prob more eco-friendly too…

    If you have a frontloading machine, when you ‘clean’ the machine afterward with a hot wash (I bung in a cup of bleach to be on the safe side), DO manually scoop out any brightly coloured water that’s caught in the gulley of the rubber seal.

    I’ve been using photoshop to ‘guess’ the resulting colour, and most of the time it works. I’ll post about this soon.

    Good luck and happy dyeing!

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