Oh! Have a banana!

Encouraged by the ease and simplicity, and general cuteness of moonstitches’ owl pincushion, (cute eh? – only took an hour to do!)…

pin cushions 190709 003lo

…I finally got round to finishing off the thing that started life as an afterthought when I was clearing up the scraps from my upside-down, inside out or whatever it was I called it skirt – inspired by the greatest designer of all, Mother Nature.

My increased sewing activity of late made me want a good way of getting rid of/finding pins quickly when working. I tried the option of schooling myself in being orderly and making sure a pin-cushion, -tin, -box or other receptacle is always at hand, but it’s just not sticking as a habit and is a bit of a faff. While Owl, above, is an aesthetically pleasing addition to the sewing table, I do still have to remember to bring him with.

So it is with only the tiniest bit of pride, (cause I’m actually giggling at the ridiculousness of it) that I present the results of this afternoon: the ‘wrist-mounted banan pin cushion’, complete with elastic wrist strap.

pin cushions 190709 007lo

In principal, an interesting idea. But in practise, erm… go on, admit it, you thought it was a marrow, didn’t you? It’s too big and way too cumbersome to be anything close to nifty, but on the plus side, it’s

  • thick enough that pins don’t stick all the way through into my wrist
  • full of t-shirt (I stuffed it with one of hubby’s castaways)
  • not so overstuffed that the pins bend when you force them in (Owl is a bit overstuffed)
  • yellow in a banana-type way

and it fits on my wrist!

PS does anyone know where ‘Oh! Have a banana’ comes from? Something to do with a music-hall-type song? I’d love to know. I’ve tried googling it but no joy.


4 responses to “Oh! Have a banana!

  1. You are so funny! I love the banana! I might have to try out a few new pin cushion ideas, as this is great!

    • georgeina

      so glad you like! it opened up a whole world of fruit and veggie themed pincushions… and i loved the experience of being amused by my work. kind of got my sewing mojo working again after a bit of a lull…

      be well!

  2. Sophie

    I just tried googling ‘oh have a banana’ and your site came up. My nanna used to sing this one line and my mother used to sing it to me, I was singing it to my 3 yo the other day and thought, is that a song? Did you find out where it came from? PS: love your banana!

  3. Jim

    Well, like Sophie I tried Googling “Have a banana” and your site came up and so, having found out which song it is from I thought I would come back to your site and let you know….. It’s from “Let’s All Go Down the Strand”. I found a recording of it on Spotify and I’ve just been listening to it. Interestingly, when I was absent mindedly singing it the other day at work, a colleague informed me (in a friendly way) that I couldn’t sing it because it was considered a little bit racist but having heard all the song I cannot see how anyone could find it at all racist. I must be missing something.
    Anyway, nice pin cushions!

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