Fresh out of chokey


I really didn’t think I’d need this!

But I went away (not to jail, really – just Italy, where the weather and food is vastly better than jail/british summer).

I’ve always permitted myself clothing and accessory buys when away – in fact I make a point of it.

Why not? Isn’t one of the reasons for travelling to experience stuff that’s totally different from home?

And so, the Wardrobe Refashion pledge is broken, and I return with a true holiday souvenir – a beach cover-up, embroidered with turtles. Way, way, way too big, so have already altered it by taking in the side seams and refitting the sleeves.

lampedusa cover up 006

I’m under no illusion the subsequent refashioning exonerates me in the slightest, but no regrets. OK, I should have picked something in my size but the colour won my heart and it was the only one.  I *ahem* also bought a shift dress from Promod in Florence which is a UK size 16 (I’m a 12), so needs altering to fit, pronto. Photographic proof and any tips learned along the way to follow.

However, clock’s ticking on my Wardrobe Refashion 2 month pledge – I’m expecting Nikki to call in my number any minute. The discipline of posting to the Wardrobe Refashion blog, and the feedback, comments and random information and avenues to explore from all those amazing, inventive and supportive refashioners and bloggers out there – has been inspiring and stimulating. I have been Getting On With It in no uncertain terms – mission accomplished! And thanks, all you WR folks – you’re great company and I’ll be signing up again.

And yet there’s still so much more to do/report on!

  • what I did and learned at Linda Powell‘s refashioning course at Morley College last week
  • recent forays into pin cushion land
  • what to do with the stack of t-shirts and shirts donated from hubby last week?
  • knitting sea-coloured mohair on the beach
  • crafternooning in south London

Watch this space.


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