Nancy shrug – genuine whip up

Nancy shrug

 Just a quickie – take a wool jumper, use various bits to

  • create collar and cuffs for an updated argyle jumper
  • and for pudding, refashion the leftover body and stumpy sleeves into the Nancy shrug!

I had to improvise with rubber bands from kitchen draw to create perfect puff for sleeves, but you can use elastic. Ideal for an unexpectedly overcast day, and all done by hand. Simples. Tutorial and cutting plan to follow.


3 responses to “Nancy shrug – genuine whip up

  1. Julia

    I LOVE this little shrug! Can’t wait for the tutorial.

    • georgeina

      Hi Julia

      Haven’t forgotten the shrug tutorial – I’ve got it marked down to do on the weekend. Pics to follow.

      I hope you’ll find it easy!

  2. Oh goody, I was hoping for a tutorial for the shrug. Curious as to how you finished the edges. I’ve got a BUNCH of sweaters and not sure how to cut them up w/o them fraying.

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