Another shirt leaves the stash

For the first time since signing up to Wardrobe Refashion, I’m having to actively resist the itch to go out and buy. I’m planning a beach holiday and I’m having the best time imagineering my holiday look, but limiting my imaginary wardrobe to garments actually already in my wardrobe is a chore. I’m delighted to say, I got through the weekend without purchasing. 

However, a familiar she-demon is at my ear, and she whispers “Why don’t you make a [insert  slightly bonkers project with somewhat unrealistic deadline here] – it won’t take long and you’ll look marvellous darling”.  I know this she-demon from old. These projects invariably have high ‘dress up’ factor, and are utterly unrelated to my actual lifestyle. She once made me hem a scarlet coat with staples and sellotape, started 13 hours before a 10.00am wedding.

So I listen to she-demon for a short time only, and limit myself to three whip up projects. And the good news is: one down, two to go. 

Lewin shirt 2

I take one white men’s shirt, Lewin’s, from Oxfam. Get inspiration from this etam shirt, then abandon in the sewing box for a year.  Today I pick up where I left off last summer and…

  • recut the lower hem straight and pop in a couple of pleats
  • take in the side seams ALOT
  • cut off the sleeves
  • add bust dart to reduce depth of armhole
  • bias bind the armholes and add cap sleeves made from curved lower hem of shirt
  • make detachable bow from sleeves (not pictured)

Only a beach coat and a revised Primark Primarni* jersey dress to go…


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