There’s a mouth in ma moufs (drrrrr, drrrrr, drrrrr, drrrrr)

Buddy eats his mouse-pola

Picture this: 1.18am. I have been asleep for over 2 hours, Hubby for about 1 hour. *Rustling at window, blind flaps open, in comes Buddy cat*. Drrrrrrrrr, drrrrrrrrr, drrrrrrrrr, drrrrrrrrr.

What’s this? Cat sounds like small lawn mower and is now scratching at bedroom door.  *Switch on light, inspect cat*. Muffled purring noise is caused by small mouse in Buddy cat’s mouth.

Cats purr when they catch a mouse? Never come across this one before.  *Sleep-befuddledly shoo cat back through window, and close it so he can’t come back in.*

Sing “There’s a mouse in ma mouth, drrrr, drrrrr, drrrr, drrrrr” to tune of R Dean Taylor’s “There’s a ghost in my house“, giggle, get confused response from husband which makes me wonder if I’ve been listening to too much Russell Brand and or if maybe captive mice aren’t really that funny.  Hop back into bed and go back to sleep.

Sadly, the mouse in Buddy cat’s mouth wasn’t the one I lovingly fashioned from some leftover wool earlier this year. A murine funeral is in order this morning :-o


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