After shirt – refashion

After shirt pose

This newly-refashioned shirt was gifted from a wardrobe clear out and I pounced on it immediately: I liked the combination of colours and the frilly detail. But the minute I try it on, I can tell it is a ‘before’ – it is just too large for me. Plus, it’s shapeless, long, a little too fussy and unflattering to me in a big chest-y, no waist-y kind of way. And more depressingly, the colours look tired and dull.

But I’m determined to overlook these immediate issues and turn it into the After shirt – there’s a nice shirt in there somewhere waiting to be released. So I…

  • take in the side seams just under the arm
  • bias-bind the armholes
  • create cap sleeves from the cuffs
  • whip up a tie belt from the sleeves
  • and then finally, shorten the hemline and curve it at the hip.

After shirt cutting plan 210509

The fabric – I think it’s a polycotton, but there’s no labels at all – is a little cheap. It probably won’t age too well – it’s bobbled a bit already – so I really took my time to sewing neatly to try not to let the execution of the idea give the game away.

Lots of food for thought: next time I create a shaped hemline, I’ll make a facing  – that will make it sit flatter. No belt loops: make ’em too thin and they stick out and look cheap. And the application of the bias binding needs lots more thinking through: it works but shouldn’t show all the way round. All that from one shirt!

Repeated on Wardrobe Refashion.


14 responses to “After shirt – refashion

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  2. Cool refashion!! I love that you showed a photo of the before shirt all marked up with what where you got all the details for the after shirt.

    I posted a link to your project on Craft Gossip Sewing blog:

    • georgeina

      Thanks Anne – I’m delighted you linked to my project. Funny you titled it ‘anatomy’ – I thought of Saul Bass when I took the photo!

  3. themermaidstale

    that is definitely a gorgeous upcycle!

  4. Suella

    Thank you for this. It has given me some really good ideas.


  5. Fabulous!!! I really like the after… and I *hated* the before! I would never have thought of such a great refashion!

  6. Hot diggity! That is one way cool re-do! Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I am shocked at the difference between the before & after! Amazing job on the refashion! XOXO, MissAmy

    • georgeina

      Hi MissAmy – thanks for your compliment! I’ll be keeping an eye on you – I can see you’re awash with good ideas! Best wishes

  8. I love it! It’s very flattering. I want to try one. I have a couple of questionable shirts in my collection.

  9. love what you’ve done with this! The end result is super adorable.

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