Flowery project bag

Now I’m knitting, I need – and want – a better knitting bag. So, inspired by the fabulously clear instructions on making a project bag by Needled, I summon up the spirit of Getting On With It and Get On With making a project bag.


From the stash comes a brightly flowered cotton apron that was NEVER going to be worn for its intended purpose and some IKEA furnishing fabric. The apron already has a pocket, which reminds me: I can’t bear fossicking about in open-plan bags for small things. And next thing you know, the flowery project bag has…

Flowery project bag inside 190509 003 lo

… an Inside Pocket for crochet hook, cable needle (and handy space  which coincidentally is just big enough to fit a Tunnock’s caramel wafer! Perfect with a cuppa)…

Flowery project bag 190509 017 lo edit

…and Outside Pockets for pattern, pen and phone.

I stayed awake last night for hours thinking about briefly consider using press stud fasteners as closure for the bag – maybe I might need to get bigger things in/out of the bag? Re-summoning the spirit of Getting On With It, I abandon said thought and follow instruction. Much easier. Time and use will tell if this works for me.

In the meantime, must dash, there’s knitting to be done!

Repeated on Wardrobe Refashion.


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