Tried and tested by tweed

There’s a good reason why this young lady is posed with her hands behind her back – she is concealing, with her pose, that the sleeves in this pattern are wide, quite deepset and rather more voluminous than bliss tweed jacketthe lines suggested by the rest of the jacket.  

This Debbie Bliss tweed pattern doesn’t feature diagrams or especially meaningful measurements, and when I bought this pattern, over five years ago, I failed to take this into consideration.

Now I’m not knocking Debbie Bliss patterns per se – many of my vintage patterns don’t include diagrams (maybe it’s a new thing?).  But, a diagram does give you a good idea whether you’re about to knit your way through 17 movies, three weeks commuting or umpteen hours of Radio4 plays for a wearable outcome – or not.

Can you guess why I am sharing this? Yep – I knitted this garment all the way to collar and one cuff. Blocked it, sewed it all Green tweed cardigans170509 crop lotogether, THEN tried it on.

Nul points, I’m afraid. The scowl on my face is intended to express my disappointment with the puffed-bicep, bust-broadening, look!-no-elbows look. I just don’t think I have the confidence to rock the skittle silhouette.

Having left this 50-60 quids-worth of guilt wool under the bed since 2005, I scoured my pattern books and started again with a cute Rowan cardigan called Moonlight. But I just couldn’t get into that either. I found myself actually resenting the wool. Time out. Last time I picked it up to knit, a little bug crawled out. I think I’d woken it up. No really, time out!

So, lesson learned:

  1. READ the pattern
  2. LOOK at the pattern diagram
  3. ASK “will this suit me?”
  4. use a pattern that is similar to something previously worn and LIKED.

Following my own advice, I picked out this lovely February lady sweater by Flintknits last week and have started again. Here’s hoping…


3 responses to “Tried and tested by tweed

  1. I just hopped over from WR. What a bummer! It’s such a pretty color on you, and the shape in the advertising photo does look so pretty. I hope the next one works out much better.

    • georgeina

      Thanks! I’m already feeling the love for this cardigan, which is so much better a driver than I-suppose-I-ought-to-finish-it.

      I like the pattern so much more, that if it’s STILL not me when I finish, I’ll feel happy about giving it away. I couldn’t do that with the last one! Never a good sign…

      Enjoyed reading your blog and your sense of colour and shape. GB

    • georgeina

      Thanks Stephanie – it’s comments like yours that get me doing stuff instead of just daydreaming about it!

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