Taking my knitting for a day out

Oh bank holiday weekends – ain’t they great?

We went to the Ideal Home exhibition, pottered about at home in the backyard, visited Tate Britain and then on Monday ventured out to Charles Darwin’s house just outside Bromley. Re the IH exhibition, I have only one thing to say: ‘ideal’ is indeed a relative term. Good, fun day out, in a ‘poking fun at things that that aren’t my taste’ sort of way.

My knitting has progressed, so I took some of it along to Darwin’s house in the hope that there’d be some nice settings to take some pictures in. And there were – see…

1. Cable practice – now with buttons. I think this is now to be known as the ‘Cable Collar’. I followed a great  pattern for Teleknitter’s Manly Cable Scarf, feminised with buttons and a sharp twist to the side. The wool – an acrylic, super-chunky, charity shop find from a brand called Cygnet – is so thick, it keeps out the wind and feels very comforting. And lovely colour too!


This was along taken on the Sand Walk, where Darwin apparently walked regularly and got inspiration. It was very pretty and pleasant, in a sort of English-woody sort of way. I felt relaxed and happy, but have no theory of evolution to report, I’m afraid.


2. Debbie Bliss Elephant Hat from the Kids Knits book. Made with no adorning elephants, and adapted to fit my adult head: the No-elephant cap.  A pretty easy pattern to follow, involving short rows (so I’m another skill-step closer to being able to make Kate Davies’ lovely o w l s  jumper – yippee!).

However, as no measurements were given in the pattern, I guessed at having a head larger than a “6-7 year old”, but immediately on finishing, unravelled it and started again because it was HUGE. Seems like not giving finished garment measurements is a regular issue with Debbie Bliss patterns.

Note to self: knitting patterns without finished garment measurements are a waste of time, no matter how alluring the life-style photos are. Watch this space for post-length harumph(s) about Debbie Bliss Tweed Biker jacket.


However, even though it balances out my pointy chin to give me a perfect lemon-head (tilt your head to the left slightly – see, a perfectly symmetrical lemon-shape, with specs), I’m looking forward to a nippy October wind so I can pop on my purple cap and protect my ears. It feels jaunty.

And peeking out of my coat collar is an older finished project: the cat paw scarf which I’ll photograph properly another time. Finished in Welsh sunshine about 18 months ago, I think it’s in Kidsilk Haze, and was a lovely way to do a bit of lacey stuff without tying myself up in knots.

And finally, a bit of garden joy: a divine magnolia tree. We forewent the video-guide to the grounds and garden – it seemed a bit pointless walking around a place, watching a video about it. On top of that, there was a queue for the video-guides which seemed like an even bigger waste of time.


So we adopted the time-honoured tradition of exploring by following our noses and found a huge, fragrant magnolia tree in the corner of a garden. We never did find out what the enormous concrete square just in front of it was for, but hey, who cares? We got into the magnolia tree, soaked up the scents and played dress-up with fallen petals. Happy Easter!


2 responses to “Taking my knitting for a day out

  1. loving your manly cable knit but i’m loving the lemon shaped hat even more! must borrow the pattern from you to make one of my own… and hope to be tackling the banana bread any minute now… just have to figure out the souring of my milk… yum! i can taste it already…
    have just checked out the owl sweater – it is truly divine!! looking forward to seeing your version of it (then you can help me make one!)
    crikey! too many good things to do and too little time!

    • georgeina

      I have the photocopy of the hat that you can have on Friday. it’s pretty easy!

      sour milk – just add a squeeze of lemon when you start the recipe and it will have separated by the time you come to add it. happy baking.

      lovely to have your comment (haven’t had many!)

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