More pink thrills

My unworn pink Pringle argyle jumper was probably bought in the same breath as the pink frilly slipover and having been bought together, they were buddies in the box under the bed (ie unworn) together – for years. It was warm and pink, but in equal measure, bulky and unflattering.

Inspired by my successful refashion* of the frilly pink slipover, I hack further into the pink Uniqlo jumper and take my place at the serger again to…

1. adjust the sleeve and side seams

sleeve-armhole shoulder adjustment

  • opening up the front sleeve stitching
  • trimming the body to the curved purple dotted line
  • stretching out the sleeve (green dots) a bit to ease the two sides together
  • resewing the seam

side seam adjustment

  • pinning it for a more snug fit
  • serging, full speed ahead, along the purple dotted line

2. create new cuffs from the sleeves of Uniqlo jumper by

  • cutting the sleeves to the right length plus spare
  • cutting off the ribbed cuffs of the Uniqlo jumper plus spare
  • folding the cuff in half lengthways (wrong sides together), slipped it (right side out) inside the inside-out sleeve (you with me?) and line up all three cut edges
  • serge all three layers of knit material together

3. and finally, using the same snappy “fold wrong sides together, place right sides out inside inside-out garment” technique, I cut a new neckband from the body of the Uniqlo jumper and sewed it in place and eh! voylar, a new, short-sleeved Pringle jumper with matching collar and cuffs.


Using the serger still makes me nervous – my pulse rate goes up quite a bit and I have rapid blurry visions of being carted off to A&E with unusual puncture marks and scraps of fabric sewn into my hands, but so far, they seem to be unfounded.

If I could just find a way to – literally – go slow until I feel more confident, I’d feel a lot more confident! But there’s no sign from the instruction book that adjusting the speed of stitching is possible. In a sew-y sort of way, though, it’s high octane stuff – the thrill of working with knit fabrics!

Next job: what else can I make from the remaining bits of Uniqlo wooly jumper? On the cards are:

I think I’ll be lead by need – my office often has irrational temperature dips so a little slipover type thing will do the trick. Plus the washing machine is a bit upset at the moment so I don’t think filling it full of stones will improve its mood any. Watch this space…

*does ‘stitching on a new waistband’ still come under the definition of ‘refashion’? Hey, it did transform something ‘unworn’ into ‘worn-in-public-and-getting-compliments’, which makes my answer ‘yes’.


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