Making an upside down skirt, backwards, with twingey wrist

My “unbroken but definitely injured” wrist is on the mend (that’s exactly what the medical professional said) and I’m a bit bored, so I’m going to see how I get on with ironing,  cutting and pinning as basic physio, starting with a nice and easy skirt. I reckon once I’ve cracked this Very Easy Vogue, this skirt could be made from start to finish in about 3 hours.  Here goes…

However, things are never simple: I have only two pieces of my chosen pattern, Vogue’s tulip skirt V8328 – the front and back – given to me by a lovely fellow student at Morley College. I was a bit flustered by the generosity, so didn’t check I had all the pieces and didn’t even think about asking for the instructions. But equally, I was delighted, as I do love a skirt with a bit of puff!

Vogue v8328

At least three fabrics in the stash would work really well in this shape:

  • a turquoise/petrol tartan-printed baby cord, an old-school resident of the stash
  • a heathery grey wool found in the Methodist thrift store in Bramhall, Cheshire in November. I wish I’d photographed this shop – ‘thrift store’ to me sounds so american, but this was British. To. The. Core.  Clinking of teacup against saucer from the Tea Shop next door, faint smell of cabbage and polite white-haired old ladies doing the sums on my purchases in shaky but beautiful handwriting. NB 5m of fabric + 25m of rick rack + assorted elastic and fixings = princely sum of £7.20. My hands shook too – mostly from pride for my restraint in not buying everything they had there.
  • sunshine-yellow overdyed canvas duck from Russell and Chapple

I’m starting with the duck, as a wearable muslin. What I love about this pattern is that when you lay out the front and back pieces, your brain immediately sees them as upside down and you have to keep consciously making yourself see it the ‘right’ way up.


Am already wondering about sewing up the pattern out upside down, just to see what happens. File weediculous idea under ‘not now, darling’. Doing it that way would certainly would make a puffy skirt of sorts, though…  

Harumph. Have worked out how to do pleats, after a fashion, but need to overlock all pieces first. Only have black overlocker thread. Despite this being a ‘wearable muslin’, I don’t want to overlock in black in case it comes out well, apart from horrid black lines of overlocking showing through fabric. Off to John Lewis for white overlocker thread, zip, yellow thread and lining.


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