Refashion number one – black linen dress

I was bought a lovely quality, black linen dress years ago, that made me look like I was in mourning, gaped under the arms  and showed my bra. An odd and unwearable combination – covered from shoulder to ankle, accentuating a sturdy bust and a slightly aging upper arm, while flashing ze underwear. No photos of me wearing it exist, but it looked like this sack of potaties with straps.


The lovely quality linen deserved a second chance, so I dug out Vogue 2538


and made it into one of these!


Now I understand why people say that photographing black is very hard – although it might have helped if we’d pulled the blinds all the way up before this partic shot. Or I’d put time *ahem* into pressing the dress.

This is a dead easy pattern and is really flattering line. The shaping means that unbelted it’s comfortably loose and still creates a nice silhouette (and you can indulge in Big Lunch). But it’s not so loose that it looks silly belted. It’s become a great work  staple – works well with flats, heels or boots. I even wore it over skinny jeans with heels on a dashing-about-the-West-End-drinking-expensive-cocktails-night and felt quite grown up.  Or at least tall enough to look tall Hubby in the eye.

The only downside is, linen creases and I work sitting at a computer. So approx one hour into the day, the bottom area crinkles up and great caution must be taken bending over. From bra-flashing to knicker-flashing in one refashing.


2 responses to “Refashion number one – black linen dress

  1. You and Stacy should share notes. She’s been sewing up a storm.

  2. Aga

    I absolutely adore it! I just bought some black linen and I’m in a lookout for that pattern, but all I found for the moment is: but it is (ugh) over $30 and I would have to resize it to fit me.

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