Making bright pillow cases

Yesterday I finished two pillow cases from some IKEA fabric that has been lurking in a cupboard for years. What a palarver! It was like when Dorothy is told the ruby slippers she’s been wearing all the time in Oz are what can get her home. Except Dorothy had ignorance on her side, me, just idiot.

It goes like this:

  1. I am familiar with the construction of a pillowcase – I have about a dozen pillowcases
  2. I have two books on soft furnishings and the formidable Readers Digest Complete Guide to Sewing
  3. I have access to a galaxy of sewing information on the internet – AND internet access.

So what do I do? Tired, and slightly cabin-fevered, I make a pillow case with a zip at the end, as it will save me about 20 x 50cm fabric. Funnily enough, the zip is stiff and pokey and lumpy round the corners.  But not in a good way. Zip evenly sewn in, though. Hubby makes approving noises but I’m not happy.

So I unpick it (bit more fatigued now) and remake pillowcase, by copying a design favoured by pillowcase manufacturers – a plain envelope with an internal flap that stops the pillow falling out. Sew it all together nicely.

In tired state, think I’ve got my flap in a flap and have folded and sewed it up the wrong way so it’s on the outside of the pillowcase. So I unpick again, resew, turn pillowcase inside out to find this time I really have fluffed my flap and it was right the first time. Eyes bit dry now, not able to take in external stimuli. Unpick again, re-pin, check before sewing by turning damn pillowcase inside out – yep, got it right this time – and sew. Show pillowcases to Hubby. Cue more approving noises. Try pillowcases on pillows – got it this time.

FINALLY, having taken x amount of time to complete pillowcases, fish old pillowcase out of airing cupboard to see how that was made. Ohhhhh I see – it’s like that, is it? (See points 1 and 2 above). Then turn to one of aforementioned reference books, to see that – quel surprise – the construction method is exactly as described above. (See point 3 above). And I didn’t do this to start with because…?

There’s no place like home. Especially when you have two lovely bright pillowcases to rest your head on.



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