Making things for friends

Hurrah! I think what I really needed was quick wins and a bit of motivation. Which is probably why the Debbie Bliss Teddy Bear hood just fell off my needles – twice – in a matter of days, with barely a hitch. It made for excellent knitting on the tube and made each day’s commute zoom past. So babies Rosie and Jacob now have teddy bear hoods complete with cute ears for chilly South London walks. I think it looks better on a head than in the photo, but thanks to Rosie’s mum for sending me the pics!


Ta-dah! Apple daiper bag. Another quick (but hard on the adrenaline-producing glands) win. 1 November, 6.00am start, 2.00pm finish, shaky, very hungry and incoherent. But triumphant to have delivered on my promise to make a daiper bag from the same fabric as my table cloth, in time for baby shower.



One response to “Making things for friends

  1. this is nice! i would carry it as a regular bag too!

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