Green leaf dress – part one

Okaaaay…. I’m currently working on a long-term stash resident: the green leaf-patterned duvet cover that’s been in and out of the box under the bed countless times in as many years. In the spirit of getting on with it, I’ve plumped for a 40s inspired Green leaf dress with

  • puff sleeves
  • same fabric belt
  • circle or half circle skirt
  • with contrast piping

I Photoshop-futz to imagine the fabric in the dress pattern:


Raid patterns for a couple of things to cannibalise: I’m putting the sleeves, upper torso and maybe the pockets of view 3 Simplicity 5747


onto the lower torso, belt and skirt of Butterick 4421.  Then add a stand up collar. Simple!

When I open Butterick 4421 I get a bit of a thrill – this gorgeous, 1940s (?) dress pattern, has never been used. Plus, there are no printed markings on it at all, and the notches, seam allowances and piece numbers are simply cut or punched out. Here’s piece number 4.


Then I realise I need to adjust the torso from a flared top to a more fitted shape, at the same time keeping the set of the sleeve, making sure the waistline fits the skirt and that there’s room for me to get inside the damn thing, bosoms and all. Cue some marvellously silly wild-stab-in-the-dark-guessing, lots of tea, then a fugue state and nothing achieved for a while.

My sensible side then cuts in, tactfully reminding me I’d never completed a proper block/sloper for tops, nor got to grips with moving darts around tops. So out comes the perennially invaluable Readers Digest Complete Guide to Sewing and I faithfully follow each step, finally collapsing on the sofa with back ache. I’ve now got a block for a top!

Next step: fiddle about with tops for a while and ask Hubby to create blocks to raise kitchen table to non-back-achey height. But tomorrow.


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